December 03, 2005

Me at hollywood studios, LA Posted by Picasa

August 16, 2005

Universal Studios

We went on 13th Aug. Weather was pleasant.Our first ride was Studio tour.It was for 45min and was worth seeing.They showed all the film sets. Then we saw special effects and backdraft (they showed how they do fire scene in movies).Then Mummy ride (its a roller coaster, which takes you in the ancient empire,full of gold) and Jurrasic park ride (it was also 84 feet fall, they have made dinosaurs ). There was Shrek 4D movie,also.I liked that. In last we went into Water World, there they showed water fight scene for 20 min.That was also nice. Still,we left ,back to the future and some more rides.

January 16, 2005

Phupaji visit

Phupaji from Bombay,came for dinner. He was our first guest.I was very nervous.Thankfully, all went well.Bhua send kaju,til barfee and idli stand,chips and khakhre...they were all really tasty..

January 10, 2005

Ikea shopping

We got our dining table,dressor from there after lot of searching.Then Nitin became carpenter for the time being....joining all the things. But it was fun.Dining table was little big to fit in our car,but somehow we managed.

December 31, 2004

Vegas trip

Vegas was our first trip after marriage.It was great.Stayed at Alladin.We won $100 at casino.1 big stuff toy also,which Nitin won for me in a dart game.That is very cute.This was a trip where no work only enjoyment was there.Brijesh and mansi were also there.Celebrated New year with them.I was bit afraid after seeing the drunked crowd on the strip.

December 24, 2004

Golden Gate

Visited Sunnyvale Hindu Temple. Attended aarti while we were there.
Then procedeed to Golden Gate bridge.